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HMGOG Adopts Sustainable Catering – 549/2020

By August 18, 2020 No Comments
549.1 2020


HMGOG prioritises sustainable development and is working towards embedding sustainability across Government. It is committed to acting responsibly as well as to encouraging wider adoption of sustainable catering practices. Today it has released a policy which acknowledges the leadership role it can play in driving change for sustainability across the public service, business and local community.

The policy identifies what it understands by sustainable catering and the Government’s sustainability commitments as they apply to the procurement of food and food services.  It follows best practice in the area of sustainable catering and has been informed by discussions with various stakeholder groups including the Sustainable Gibraltar Food Working Group[1]

This policy, developed by the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations, guides the procurement of food served during official meetings and functions as well as Government-supported events (such as Calentita) that will be subject to the commitments outlined in this document. A separate document outlining sustainable catering considerations as they apply to catering outlets such as Government hospitals and homes and schools will be developed.

Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, Professor John Cortes, clarified: ‘Sustainable catering is about selecting and engaging with catering suppliers to promote good practice and support more responsible food choices. It responds to a growing awareness of the environmental and health impacts of our diets and the need to procure and handle food responsibly whilst achieving best value for money. This Government has a commitment to a healthy, safer and more sustainable Gibraltar.’

Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations, Professor Daniella Tilbury, added: ‘People’s wellbeing and the health of our planet rely on food choices that respect planetary boundaries and human rights. Our daily choices make a significant difference not just to our own life chances but also to the future of the planet. The document which is based on best practice seeks to inform procurement as well as raise awareness of this important consideration.’

The document can be downloaded from www.futuregenerations.gi/news/sustainable-catering-11

[1] This group was formed in September 2018 to lobby and support moves towards the adoption of sustainable food practices across Gibraltar