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GSD’s track record on beaches is laughable and embarrassing – 415/2023

By June 26, 2023 No Comments

The Government’s historic investment in improving the experience for all beach users will not be masked by the GSD’s latest rant.

The Government acknowledges the cultural, social and economic importance of Gibraltar’s beaches throughout the summer bathing season and has actively invested in an unprecedented programme of works and improvements over a number of years.

In relation to the works at Eastern Beach, the Government made its plans clear by way of a Press Release on 31st May 2023, which gave specific details of all main elements. These works have been completed according to those plans as outlined, and the Government is satisfied that beach users are able to fully enjoy access to and use of the beach.

The GSD are further reminded that they are the same Party whose administration failed to even provide a proper car park at Eastern Beach. The GSD administration also failed to provide equity of access for beach users, relying on private donations to provide accessible equipment at just one beach. Their exaggerated outburst regarding ease of public access is laughable in the context of their own embarrassing track record.

If Mr Bossino came down from his Ivory Tower, he would find Gibraltarians and tourists alike enjoying the use of Eastern Beach and all of Gibraltar’s main beaches throughout the bathing season, and looking forward to the completion of even further improvements once the season is over.