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By February 11, 2022 No Comments

The Government notes the continued statements from the GSD in relation to the McGrail Inquiry. 

The seriousness of the issue is not a discovery of note and neither is the fact that it involved consideration at the highest levels.  Neither should the GSD be surprised that information disclosed in the context of a freedom of information request is redacted.  The judge in the Inquiry, however, will have access to all relevant documentation and information, even if this has not been released to a journalistic inquiry.

What is certain is that once the relevant information is entirely in the public domain, the Government is confident that the many baseless conspiracy theories that the GSD Opposition has sought to feed will be seen to be exactly that, baseless conspiracy theories.   The GSD will then be left to assess whether it was of any benefit to Gibraltar and our international reputation, whether its repeated, groundless speculation served any purpose whatsoever other than to unnecessarily tarnish the reputation of our nation in the eyes of international observers.

The Government has already committed to the full publication of the full report that is submitted to it by the Inquiry Chairman.  

What the GSD now needs to do is to allow the judicial Inquiry to run its course and not provide any further, inane, political commentary that might prejudice it in any way.