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GSD Wrong to Attack Music Festival – 639/2019

By September 4, 2019 No Comments

The GSD is wrong to attack the music festival. It is an event primarily for young people and it helps to raise the profile of Gibraltar. 

This year in particular it is important to show that it is business as usual for our community and that Gibraltar will not be cowed by Brexit.

The Government has invited the CEOs of all Gibraltar’s gaming companies and visiting MPs and MEPs to be hosted by the Government. The Chief Minister has asked all Opposition Members of Parliment to assist him in hosting the CEOs, MPs and MEPs.

Mr Picardo has called on his fellow Parliamentarians to pay their way for the music festival events, as they have done for some years now and so that the cost of their tickets is covered.  Additionally, he has asked them to assist him with the hosting this year in particular as, with Brexit looming, it is necessary for all Gibraltar’s Parliamentarians to work together to get across the message of Gibraltar’s post-Brexit needs and opportunities.

Mr Picardo said:  “I have asked all my fellow Parliamentarians to work together with me to host all gaming company CEOs and the visiting Parliamentarians.  We can do better by working together to get Gibraltar’s message across at this crucial juncture in our history.  I have also, in addition and nonetheless, asked them to pay their way so there is no possible suggestion that they are not funding the cost of their tickets.  If this is the response we get when we ask the GSD to work with us, is anyone surprised we are sceptical of their suggestions that they are genuine in wanting to support Gibraltar and the Government? I should have known that, in the end, the GSD would always go low and for the cheap political point instead of working for the good of Gibraltar. My invitation stands – if they change their minds and see the error of their ways – as long as they pay their way as we do.”