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GSD statement makes clinical issues party political – 584/2021

By August 6, 2021 No Comments

The statement by the GSD on the allegations made by Dr Burke simply asks the Government to do what it is already doing.

Every allegation made by Dr Burke is being investigated.

That does not change the fact that Dr Burke is suing the GHA and the GHA and the Government will therefore not comment publicly on the allegations or the claims made by Dr Burke.

The Government owes an obligation to the course of justice and to Dr Burke to ensure that any reaction or comment is made strictly in the ambit of the tribunal in which Dr Burke has made his claims.

Any clinical matters, including any necessary investigations, will be addressed within the clinical governance mechanisms within the GHA.

Public comment at this stage serves no purpose other than party political expediency.

This matter is too serious for party politics to be involved. The Chief Minister and the Minister for Health will therefore provide the leadership that this community deserves by ensuring that we do not allow party politics to intervene in this matter, despite the unnecessary and self-serving statement from the GSD on this matter.