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GSD response to SNAG is contradictory – 646/2022

By September 6, 2022 No Comments

It’s remarkable that the GSD think it is OK to be critical of hard working government officials in education and in the Port Authority and yet they cannot accept that criticism should be levelled at the members of their party when they get their facts wrong.

What the Government have done in education is add 100 new teachers and 120 new SNLSAs. We have done so for the benefit of children in all schools and this includes St Martin’s. We have done so despite the GSD constantly criticising us for spending money including the money we spend on teachers and other public servants.

The GSD said they would not have built a new St Martin’s, yet they now don’t want it pointed out when one of their executive committee is saying we should have built a larger St Martin’s.

These are important contradictions in the GSD narrative on public finances that must be pointed out so that the public have all the facts when considering the merits of an argument.

The GSD and its executive and elected members must expect the Government to point these facts out, however uncomfortable they may be for them. The Government makes no apology for doing so and for continuing to fight for the best for the children in all our schools, especially St Martin’s, despite the challenging public finances.