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GSD Opposition witch hunt continues – 144/2023

By March 16, 2023 No Comments

The statement by the GSD Opposition is a continuation of the witch hunt that Keith Azopardi is seeking to wage against the Government.


The fact is that the Government has a statutory legal obligation to act to protect whistle blowers.


If the GSD is suggesting that the Government should not act in keeping with the laws passed by our Parliament, Mr Azopardi should explain on what basis he is making such an extraordinary assertion.


If the GSD is saying that the evidence of these officers is not credible, they should explain on what basis they seem to justify not applying the benefit of the law to them and how the GSD in government would apply the law as they see fit rather than equally across the board.


The fact is that the evidence in question will have to be judged as credible or not by a relevant tribunal that has the officers‘ evidence before it.


Until then, the GSD is showing a remarkable partiality and lack of judgement in seeking to side with anyone against the Government even when the Government is acting to give effect to the law of Gibraltar.