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GSD Mislead Public on Stadium Again – 37/2023

By January 27, 2023 No Comments

The Government notes that the GSD insists on trying to prejudice the community against the GFA’s stadium project. This has been the case from the first instance that the GFA proposed a stadium and is no different now. 

Additionally, the GSD is misleading the public in respect of the question of the financial viability of the project. The Minister with responsibility for the National Economic Plan has made clear in Parliament that, although he has not yet seen a financial feasibility report, the Government will NOT agree to the funding being made available and the project going ahead until it has been satisfied that the financial projections work and that the returns from the project will fund all the costs of the building and make a profit. 

Additionally, Sir Joe Bossano said he would NOT be involved in the details for the aspects of the project as he was not an expert in developing property.  Sir Joe also told the House that he expected that the GFA would work with experts and produce a project that did provide the necessary returns and that this would be demonstrated in the financial viability reports to be produced.

The reality is that the GSD and Mr Azopardi are against every project the GFA proposes whilst saying they support the GFA. 

The reality is that the GSD and Mr Azopardi say they want to see Gibraltar’s financial stability restored but they oppose all measures to achieve that. 

The reality that the GSD and Mr Azopardi say something and then do the opposite will surprise no-one, but it is surprising that they would seek to misrepresent what was said in Parliament by Sir Joe.