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GSD don’t have a clue on Heritage – 566/2023

By August 25, 2023 No Comments

Mr Bossino and the GSD betray their total ignorance of Heritage management in their most recent blunder of a press release on the subject of Parson’s Lodge. 

The fact remains that Parson’s Lodge is not a tourist site. It is a heritage site. The two do not have to equate and indeed, in cases such as this sometimes the best way to preserve and protect the heritage site is to NOT give it over to tourism, or to do so only on a very controlled manner. Mr Bossino really needs to separate the two. His inability to do so is proof of his lack of knowledge on the subject.  

As the Government has already explained, Parson’s Lodge is being used as a research facility under the auspices of the Gibraltar Museum. This is a clear example of the sustainable long-term plan for the preservation and successful use of the site, which is not dependent on its exploitation for profit as a tourist site. That Mr Bossino considers historical anchors and cannon to be ‘rubbish’ is evidence of his own lack of regard for the site itself, preferring to see pound symbols in his eyes at the thought of potential ticket sales.

The Minister for Heritage, the Hon Prof John Cortes, said: ‘Damon Bossino, the GSD’s self-appointed spokesperson for everything, has not got a clue on heritage. Heritage is much more than a tourist ‘product’ but they seem incapable of understanding its intrinsic value, and even worse, of recognising when good work has been done. I have been working positively with all the stakeholders in making tremendous advancements in how the Government safeguards Gibraltar’s Heritage now and for the future. If Mr Bossino doesn’t believe me, he should consult the experts at the Gibraltar Museum, the Heritage Trust, and their colleagues before conjecturing and complaining.’