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Green Gibraltar – A Sustainable Mobility Initiative – 550/2020

By August 18, 2020 No Comments

The protection of the environment and the climate remain at the heart of Government thinking.  Air pollution dropped significantly during the lockdown as people reconsidered the way they moved and indeed their need to move. Government will seek to build on this change and work to redesign our streets for people, not cars. This will enable and encourage people to choose to travel differently, and also enable and encourage the movement of goods and services to take place in less polluting and more space-efficient ways. We will do this by:

  1. Making it safer and more convenient for people to walk short journeys, especially to work and school;
  2. Making cycling a safe and viable alternative to private cars through the creation of segregated cycle lanes wherever possible;
  3. Improving the quality, reliability, speed and accessibility of bus travel;
  4. Implementing a smart and equitable system of road user charging;
  5. Reducing emissions from freight operations, covering not just cleaner vans and lorries but also e-cargo bikes for city centre deliveries;
  6. Reducing tourist vehicles coming in to the city by providing attractive and affordable alternatives;
  7. Providing greater incentives for the purchase of zero-carbon vehicles and introducing a scrappage scheme for old vehicles;
  8. Enabling people to use zero-carbon shared private transport (scooters, bicycles, cars & vans), thereby reducing car ownership;

The Green Gibraltar initiative will communicate any upcoming changes to the public in a clear and timely manner. It will also highlight the positive benefits that active travel can bring to our daily lives and seek to engage positively with the public by way of polls, competitions and active social media campaigns.

The Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, the Hon Prof. John Cortes, said: “Active travel can improve our health and our quality of life. This is a chance to permanently improve the air that we breathe and we would urge everyone to work with us in making Gibraltar a better place to be.”

The Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, said: “We want to show people that life is not all about using your car. If people walk and cycle more, you have a more attractive and livable city. Our new road projects will showcase our vision for a Greener Gibraltar. These projects are for our future generations, when people will look back and see that this Government had the foresight to deliver these wonderful projects.

“The only way to improve our quality of living is to get everyone involved, and that is what we are trying to achieve.”