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Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School back in action after the fires at the start of the school holiday – 290/2021

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290.1 2021

Two weeks after the devastating fires at Governor’s Meadow, school life is already getting back to normal during what has been one of the most challenging times in the school’s history. 

It has been thanks to the quick response from the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service and the extraordinary work by GJBS, GEA, the Department of Education, ITLD, teaching staff, school SLT and administrative staff, cleaners and the school attendant that the school found itself in a position to continue teaching and learning so soon. A special mention for Ivan Latin, Maite Victor, Cheryl Cumbo and Ronnie Kennedy for their hard work, focus and drive.

The support and messages of good will from the parents and local community have been a source of strength to all. Teams of dedicated workers have worked tirelessly to clean, repair, paint, relocate classrooms and prepare the school so that it was ready for pupils to come back and continue learning in a safe and happy school environment.

Tuesday last week saw the return to work of teachers, followed by the children from Nursery and Reception on Wednesday, and children from Year 1 and 2 on Thursday. Children have quickly settled back into school life, ably supported by their teachers.

Governor’s Meadow staff and the Department of Education would like to extend their deepest gratitude to GJBS, GEA and the cleaning team, who worked throughout the school holiday and every day throughout the long weekend, when practically all the rest of the community was able to enjoy holiday time with their loved ones. They are grateful for the effort and care the teams have invested into making the school safe and ready to be operational again. Governor’s Meadow staff and the Department of Education would also like to thank all those parents, companies and members of the public who have donated food, drinks and their time to support everyone involved during this trying time. We will forever be thankful.

Minister for Education, Prof John Cortes, said: “I have seen for myself the extraordinary work that the whole team at the school, and all those others involved, have done in getting the school into shape so as to allow teaching and learning to resume.  The community as a whole is grateful.  This is typical of how Gibraltar responds to trying situations.  The main thing is that thanks to all these many people the children can continue on their learning journey”.


Note to Editors:

Photo Captions

  1. One of the classrooms with water and smoke damage
  2. Damaged corridor.
  3. Wall of Heroes.
  4. Everyone who had a hand in getting the school ready got to write their names in the Wall of Heroes mural.
  5. The cleaning staff together with GJBS workers cleaning all the furniture that was affected by smoke damage.
  6. All the equipment from the affected classes needed to be cleaned by hand. Pencil by pencil, brick by brick.
  7. Clean furniture ready to be moved back into the classrooms before the start of the new term.
  8. All done! 
  9. First day back – welcoming Year 1 pupils into their new classroom.
  10. All settled in. Smiles galore!