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Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary Celebrate International Day of  Women and Girls In Science – 84/2020

By February 14, 2020 No Comments

Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School celebrated International Day of Women and Girls in Science on the 11th February.  The day’s purpose was to promote full and equal access to participation in science. In 2019, less than 30% of researchers worldwide were women and only around 30% of all female students selected STEM-related fields in higher education.  This day was another important step in enabling teachers at Governor’s Meadow in their aim to break gender stereotypes and help bring an end to long-standing biases that may steer girls away from science-related fields, in order to achieve full and equal access.

Pupils at Governor’s Meadow studied, researched and celebrated the significant work carried out by various female scientists in the past and present.  They also became scientists themselves as they took part in fun, educational and hands on experiments linked to the work of female scientists, that helped to reinforce the scientific learning. 

The day, organised by Mrs Chichon, the Science Coordinator, proved to be a fun and important step in the pupils’ learning journey.  “It is important to incorporate real-life learning and develop critical thinking skills in pupils as they grow in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world.  The day has served to enhance these skills whilst simultaneously helping to break any stereotypes relating to girls in science. Pupils now have a better understanding of the vital role that the work of many female scientists has contributed in shaping what we know of our world today, and has provided pupils with positive role models to look up to, especially for girls.”

The day was supported by several female officers from the Department of the Environment who provided pupils with a presentation and a first hand account of their work related to science in helping to care for Gibraltar’s environment.