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Governor’s Cottage Reverse Osmosis Plant expected to be fully operational at midnight tonight – 548/2022

By August 4, 2022 No Comments

The Government has today been briefed twice by the Strategic Coordinating Group dealing with water disruption across Gibraltar. The water supply situation across the AquaGib network is improving with a temporary solution having been found for the last two remaining areas without water. As a result, supply across Gibraltar has been fully restored. However, the advice the Government continues to receive from AquaGib is that despite the restoration of supply across Gibraltar, there will continue to be fluctuations to pressure as stocks continue to remain low. Every effort is being made to replenish lost stocks whilst at the same time ensuring water supply across the network.

The AquaGib Reverse Osmosis Plant at Governor’s Cottage is expected to be operating at 100% capacity at midnight tonight following the activation of the remaining fourth plant being activated then. This will be achieved with an additional salt water pipe being added alongside the existing temporary pipe which is supplying salt water to the Beefsteak reservoir. This additional fourth plant will add approximately 1,000,000 litres of water to our water generating capacity every 24 hours.

Now that AquaGib will resume pre-incident water production levels at the Governor’s Cottage Reverse Osmosis Plant by the end of today, there is no further urgent requirement to continue importing potable water from Spain to maintain minimum daily production levels.

AquaGib have identified a bacterial test failure in one of the trucks importing water from Spain but the pre-emptive measures taken throughout of increased chlorination significantly mitigates against any potential risk of contamination. The Director of Public health has advised that this presents a low risk which is not concerning because the system was set up to protect against this.

Progress during the course of the week has been significant and the focus for AquaGib continues to be the production of water. Restrictions will continue from 11pm tonight to 7am tomorrow to allow AquaGib to replenish stock levels at their reservoirs. Members of the public are strongly urged to continue to be conservative with their water usage to ensure that, whilst stocks are replenished, there are as few fluctuations to water pressure as possible.