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Government’s excellent management of housing stocks sees record allocations, despite pandemic – 246/2021

By March 25, 2021 No Comments

The Government is proud that in a year beleaguered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Government rental housing has been allocated in such an efficient and effective manner.  As confirmed in Parliament by the Minister for Housing, the Hon Steven Linares, 176 rental flats were allocated in the year 2020. Taking into account the crisis and ongoing world-wide pandemic HM GoG remains extremely gratified at the high proportional levels of allocation made in comparison to previous years. The unpredictable nature of the turnaround of flats must be highlighted and has required maximum use of the department’s resources, some of which were quite limited during the pandemic lockdown given the assistance afforded to other Government Departments, namely the Contract Tracing Bureau and the GHA’s vaccination team.  


The Housing Department in conjunction with the Housing Works Agency and their subcontractors have worked tirelessly throughout these extenuating times to ensure an efficient, safe and swift turnaround of flats.  The Housing Department has also quickly adapted to new working practices and has been working closely with the Ministry for digital services in order to modernise and expand our services to an online based facility.  Although not completely rolled out, it is envisaged that this will happen very soon.


It can also be confirmed that the 21 of the 23 Government rental flats currently unoccupied are already under offer to waiting list applicants.  This shows the continued commitment the Government and the Housing Department have in managing in the housing stocks as equitably and effectively as possible.


The public are reminded that despite the Housing Department’s efforts to actively monitor the proper utilisation of Government flats, members of the public are encouraged to continue to report all seemingly vacant flats to our hotline, 20040040 or via e-mail to housing@gibraltar.gov.gi so these can be investigated.  It can be confirmed all flats reported to the Housing Department as vacant are investigated immediately and any necessary action is taken thereafter.


The Housing Department would like to remind service users of the different ways to contact the department:


Housing Department

Allocations Section – 20075603

Accounts Section – 20071976

Enforcement and Compliance – 20074505

Email – housing@gibraltar.gov.gi


Housing Works Agency

Reporting Office – 20048440/20048441    reports@gibraltar.gov.gi

Afterhours emergency number – 20050129


Minister for Housing, the Hon Steven Linares, said: ‘I am delighted that despite the pressures of the pandemic, as a proportional representation, more rental allocations were made in 2020 that in any other recent year.  This excellent management of Gibraltar’s housing stock speaks for itself.  Furthermore, as the sales of affordable homes continue apace, this will increase the future return of Government rental flats to the stock, and further reduce the waiting list for Government rentals.’