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Government will not be deterred by defeatist Opposition – 264/2021

By March 31, 2021 No Comments

The Government notes the statement issued today by the GSD Opposition spokesman for Tourism in relation to the recent announcement of flights between Gibraltar and Bilbao scheduled for later this summer.

The Minister for Tourism, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, noted that “Mr Bossino appears to rely really very heavily on reports in the Spanish media as a basis on which to build his politics. His politics of gloating at the first hint of a possibility that something positive for Gibraltar might hit a stumbling block would be damnable if the reports were indeed accurate. The fact that his ‘sources’ are as misinformed as he is, only make his brand of politics even less palatable to anyone who genuinely holds the best interests of Gibraltar at heart.

“As Minister of Tourism, I am happy to confirm that, whilst I am aware that the flights are not for sale online, I am not advised of any such impediments to the commencement of this service later this year and, I’m sure, will be informed of progress towards the delivery of these flights as and when they happen. I’m happy to continue to work as hard as possible to point Gibraltar in the direction of a successful return to our former levels of tourist activity. I will not be deterred nor discouraged by the unfortunately vacuous, uninformed and self-defeatist politics of my counterpart in Opposition.”