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Government welcomes statement by SNAG – 617/2021

By August 31, 2021 No Comments

The Government welcomes the statement by SNAG thanking the Minister and Department of Education for being able to accommodate one of their requests in relation to Early Birds Nursery.  The Government is pleased that thanks to this positive engagement between the two sides a solution that will benefit the children and families has been arrived at.  

The Department, with support from GHA therapists, has worked hard in being able to offer the morning placement to some families.  Other families in fact did prefer an afternoon allocation and this has been kept.

Minister for Education, the Hon Prof John Cortes, stated: “This positive engagement, where we are all looking at what’s best for the children, is the way to be able to make progress and improve what we can offer.  I look forward to continuing to work closely in this way with SNAG, and with all parents’ groups in the future.”