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Government to phase out water restrictions on high consumers – 583/2022

By August 22, 2022 No Comments

This morning the Government was briefed by the Strategic Coordinating Group on the latest situation regarding the levels of water at our reservoirs. The meeting was chaired by the Acting Chief Minister, the Hon Dr Joseph Garcia CMG MP and included the Minister for the Environment Professor John Cortes and the Minister for Public Utilities Albert Isola.

AquaGib have advised that stocks have increased over the weekend and have now reached the required level as a result of all plants operating normally including the new temporary Reverse Osmosis Plant.

The Government is pleased to be able to begin to relax some of the remaining restrictions on high consumers in a phased and staggered manner. This will enable AquaGib to continue to closely monitor the impact on stock levels over the coming days.

The Government has agreed to continue with the importation of non-potable water by sea with bowsers remaining in place at Morrisons car park and at the lower level of Mid Harbours Industrial Park. A series of smaller water containers called Cubitanks have also been deployed to the marinas in the meantime.

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group has been scheduled for Wednesday morning, at which time it is hoped to further relax the current restrictions.