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Government simply set out the facts on GP appointments – 368/2021

By May 14, 2021 No Comments

The Government is appalled at the way in which Unite the Union have taken the explanation that was given for the recent lack of appointments at the Primary Care Centre.

All that the Government has done, through the Ministry of Health, is to set out the facts and explain that the Government in investigating complaints has held primary care to account because the service to patients was found wanting due to lack of appointments.

The simple fact was that the number of appointments had been seriously reduced because of the number of GPs available at a given moment in time. the figures relayed were those provided to the Medical Director by the management of the PCC.  

The Government has not made a judgement on this matter and has only confined itself to putting the reasons for the lack of appointments into the public domain.

Indeed, the Government has provided more GPs, more resources and more staff to the GHA than ever before, and remains fully committed to support the health service in the future.