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Government Notes Latest GSD Statement – 572/2020

By August 27, 2020 No Comments

The Government notes the statement from the GSD this evening in which it states that ‘unlike the GSD’ the GSLP Liberals put up all its candidates at the last election as potential ministers. This is a remarkable revelation. The Government, on behalf of the People of Gibraltar hereby formally asks the GSD to clarify when and where it purported that some of its candidates, if elected into Government, would not be ministers and who these candidates were. This was not clear at the last election and the party must now clarify this statement so that the public should know whether any of those few GSD candidates actually elected were the ones who would be full time ministers or not. Additionally, the GSD is reminded that (a) it did call for the resignation from Parliament of Ms Hassan Nahon when she resigned from the party; and (b) that they thought it was fine for Sir Peter Caruana to be a back bencher although they now argue, inexplicably, that different rules should apply to Hon Gilbert Licudi QC. The GSD have a lot to explain to the electorate.