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Government is COMPLETELY on the side of purchasers of affordable homes – 796/2022

By October 25, 2022 No Comments

His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is completely on the side of the purchasers of affordable homes and will not allow the GSD to bring politics to stop the hard work being done to deliver their homes for them as soon as possible.

The Government has been clear with purchasers in Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views on the timelines they can expect for their new homes.

The delays experienced have been inevitable and neither Mr Bossino, the GSD nor any other government could have done more to deliver these homes sooner.

The GSLP Liberal Government remains wholly committed to the completion of these two new affordable housing developments, despite the undeniable impact of the pandemic on public finances globally.   These are not excuses but unavoidable facts which are a reality affecting projects in every developed economy in the world after the pandemic.

Whilst Gibraltar is no exception, the Chief Minister unequivocally stated in Parliament last week that the Government does not expect any delays as a result of financing but Mr Bossino simply wanted to play sterile political word games instead of appreciating the commitment being given.  

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP, said: ‘It’s typical of the GSD and Damon Bossino to play politics with things that really matter in people’s lives. The GSLP Liberal Government is on the side of the purchasers and we are not interested in playing politics with the GSD on something as important as this to real people with a real need for these homes.

‘These homes are important for the purchasers. The Gibraltarian families that need these homes need them quickly and the Government knows that the delays that have arisen create real problems for real people. If it were possible for the Government to accelerate the delivery of these homes in any possible way, we would have done so. In fact, although Mr Bossino will do anything to get his name in print, he proposes nothing to assist in earlier delivery of these properties. What is clear, however, is that neither he nor the GSD had any plans for more affordable homes at the last election. So I would ask that Mr Bossino should be less eager to criticise for the sake of promoting himself and that he should contribute more constructively to our political debate by either advancing suggestions to improve matters or simply accept that we are doing everything possible to deliver as soon as possible to our purchasers, which is what we are politically committed to do.’