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Government invest over £1 BILLION in health services – 362/2021

By May 11, 2021 No Comments

It is clear from the latest statement by Together Gibraltar that the depth of their ignorance continues to fuel a populist agenda without regard for accuracy or for the truth. They have accused the Government of austerity in relation to the health service when the facts show that more money is now spent on health and more people are employed there than ever before.  The same has been true, year on year since the GSLP Liberals were elected and any suggestion to the opposite is a populist lie.

Therefore the wild, populist comments made by Together Gibraltar simply do not stand up to scrutiny. They complain when the Government spends money and they also complain when the Government does not spend money. They complain when more staff is employed and they also complain when less staff is employed. This two-faced approach smacks of political hypocrisy in the extreme.  The public will see through it.

The latest published figures in the estimates for 19/20 show that the Government spent £123 million on the Gibraltar Health Authority at that time with over 1000 members of staff. The figures shows a stream of continuous and sustained investment in our health services which is without precedent in the history of Gibraltar. Indeed, in total this comes to well over £1 BILLION since this government came into office. This includes more GPs, the provision of more services and more staff than ever before.

Together Gibraltar need to understand that we are dealing with the effects of a global pandemic, unheard of in modern times, which has killed millions and infected millions more all over the globe. Sadly, Gibraltar has not been immune to this, with thousands of people contracting COVID-19 and 94 persons losing their lives. The health services in Gibraltar have been geared towards fighting the pandemic. The process of moving the GHA from a structure that was geared primarily to dealing with the pandemic to one that returns back to normality is not something that can happen overnight. This has been felt particularly at the Primary Care Centre.

The negative and destructive approach adopted by Together Gibraltar on this matter does them no favours. They have shown at best that they do not know what they are talking about or at worst that they are mischievously twisting the facts to suit  their own political ends.

The plain fact is that this Government had invested more than ever in the health and public services of Gibraltar and will continue to invest going forward. This is the opposite of austerity no matter what our opponents may say.