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Government in joint initiative with Chamber & GFSB to support local businesses – 385/2020

By June 11, 2020 No Comments

The Chamber of Commerce and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses have teamed up with Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar to launch a marketing campaign to support local businesses after several months of lockdown.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging the community to spend locally and to highlight the connection between local spending and local consumption on our economy. This economic activity enables the Government to continue investing in the field of education, our healthcare system, policing and other essential services and local infrastructure that we all benefit from.

The campaign is not just about buying from local shops or dining in local restaurants, there are many goods and service companies which supply the local market.  Every local company is going  to need the help of the community to rebuild their business. The Chamber and the GFSB would like local consumers as well as local businesses to, where possible, consider using local suppliers first, before sourcing goods from elsewhere. This keeps money circulating in the local economy and the multiplier effects are beneficial for the community as a whole.

Vijay Daryanani, Minister for Business said, “Government is delighted to back this initiative. In these extraordinary times when many local businesses have been forced to close for several months due to the pandemic, it is critically important that we all continue to unite as a community and try and support as many local businesses as possible. I urge you please to think twice when you spend. Buy local, eat local, spend local and, above all, think of our nation first”