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Government have defended free speech before Together Gibraltar existed – 528/2020

By August 11, 2020 No Comments

The Government finds it very odd that Together Gibraltar seems to be in a permanent state of being “appalled”, no matter what the issue under discussion. The latest comments they have made in relation to the GHA walkout is a case in point. It is absurd to suggest that the Government is trying to stifle anything.

The Government has already explained that names were taken for the purposes of contact tracing, which is a new policy as a result of the pandemic, and for the purposes of docking pay, which has been the policy of Governments of Gibraltar since the 1970s. The Government do not need any lessons from Together Gibraltar on freedom of speech or freedom of on expression. We have upheld and defended those very principles for many years before Together Gibraltar even existed – and we will continue to do so.

It is simply very sad that they continue to make allegations based on rumours and to politicise every issue by jumping on every bandwagon that happens to rear its head. The Government is therefore itself ‘appalled’ at Together Gibraltar’s lack of understanding of the need to take names exclusively for contact tracing purposes and of their willingness to politicise a public health issue.