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Government fully supports the GHA in its zero tolerance policy on any abuse of GHA staff – 780/2022

By October 19, 2022 No Comments

The Government notes the report today of a man charged with seriously threatening a member of staff at St Bernard’s Hospital.

Government will work with the GHA Director General and his staff to ensure that all GHA staff have the appropriate support to deal with any threats, abuse or improper behaviour. The GHA has already made clear that it will have zero tolerance to any ill behaviour to any of its staff and Government has confirmed that it agrees entirely with this position, not only in respect of the GHA but across its public sector.

There is no place in our community for any form of abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our professionals and staff within the GHA, and calls on any persons who witness such behaviour to report this to the GHA or the Police to ensure these complaints are processed and actioned accordingly.

The Minister for Health, the Hon Albert Isola MP said: ‘It is imperative that all GHA personnel suffer absolutely no abuse or aggression while they discharge their vital work in taking care of all of us. I would urge our community to act responsibly and with understanding, even when faced with delays. Our professionals deserve better. I stand 100% with the GHA’s Zero Tolerance policy and we will take whatever action is necessary to safeguard them.’