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Government Disgusted by Vandalism of Moorish Castle Lighting System – 251/2020

By April 1, 2020 No Comments

Officials of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority last night noticed the Moorish Castle was only partially lit. As a result, this morning officials went to investigate the reason behind the problem.

To their surprise they noticed that a door which leads to Moorish Castle Old Prison from the area known as “the Jungle” was open despite having previously secured by Gib Elec. They also noticed the one of the power boxes was opened and the protection feeding part of the lights was found OFF. To add insult to injury, the door of the power box was left open ,which allowed the rain to wet all cables. In addition to this, some of the lights were also moved out of alignment, requiring re-alignment.

Gib Elec has concluded that some person or persons gained access and have tampered with the lights and power boxes.

The Gib Elec team has managed to dry the parts using heat blowers and have restored the lighting as it was, to enable the tribute to our frontline Health Authority personnel to go ahead as planned.

Gib Elec will be informing the police accordingly to enable them to investigate the vandalism.

The Chief Minister said: “This is not the first time that the old prison has been broken into. I honestly don’t understand why people do such things at a time like this. At this time in our history we have to work together not create more work for each other. The whole community will join me in thanking the Gib Elec professionals who have been able to carry out repairs so that we can continue our daily tribute to our Health Authority frontline staff.”