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The statement from Together Gibraltar on sanctions on Ukraine is based on a complete misunderstanding of the sanctions regime in force in Gibraltar.  This is surprising as Marlene Hassan Nahon was in Parliament when this very Bill was introduced, explained and voted on in 2019. 

As Ms Hassan Nahon should therefore know, the sanctions regime provides for the automatic transposition in Gibraltar law of sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is presently updating its list of sanctions and the list of persons most recently designated as sanctioned is available, as updated, on the websites of Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom.

Gibraltar has also announced that it is, in addition, adopting the EU sanctions against Russia and related parties arising from the invasion of Ukraine.

This is also provided for in our law.

The EU sanctions list is published, as constantly updated, on the websites of the European Union.


The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said: ‘I am very pleased to say that Gibraltar has gone beyond most other nations in our approach to sanctions.  When it comes to maritime sanctions, we are not permitting our port or our port services to be employed by any vessels with Russia as a destination, and not just vessels which are Russian, or Russian owned or operated.  Our position at a geopolitically significant location means we can do something in this area of operation which is meaningful in potentially disrupting the Putin regime.  This means not just stopping the refuelling of the Superyachts of ‘Putin’s Oligarchy, but also stopping services to the merchant shipping fleet that may fall foul of sanctions.

I am also very happy to see coming to fruition some of the work we are doing, with UK support, to extract and repatriate Gibraltarians from Ukraine with their families. We continue doing additional work to try to ensure the safe repatriation of others to Gibraltar.

We will continue to do what we can as a part of the worldwide effort to shame the Russian regime into stopping their illegal invasion of Ukraine.

We are also working with those who are seeking to move goods for Ukraine so that these can get across the frontier without any difficulty or delay.

Additionally, I am also very happy to say that neither I nor any other GSLP/ Liberal Minister or Member of Parliament have had or have any relationship, at any level, professionally or otherwise, or done any business ‘with citizens implicated in Putin’s Oligarchy’.

The GFSC and the Government has already ensured that all Gibraltar licensed firms and especially trust and company managers, are specifically aware of the sanctions involved and that they should make such reports as are necessary to the authorities in relation to such individuals or companies as are sanctioned.  This notification covers all the law firms who may have members in the Gibraltar Parliament, including the firm that is eponymous with her and her family.

I therefore look forward to confirmation of the same from other members of the Parliament, in particular other financial services professionals including lawyers, Messrs Azopardi QC and Bossino from Triay Stagnetto Neish, Mr Feetham QC and Mr Phillips (whose law firm has previously boasted of its connections with wealthy and influential Russian and Russia related clients) as well as Mr Clinton, who as a banker will need to clarify whether he has had such relationships and whether they subsist in anyway.

Moreover, I recall specific published statements[1] in the past from Ms Hassan Nahon who has said that whilst she was in banking, she was involved in transactions relating to the sales of arms.  I therefore now call on her to make a statement transparently setting out the circumstances relating to such arms sales as she may have been involved with in her time as a banker.  I specifically call on her to state what parties, entities or countries she was involved in selling arms to.  I further call on her to state whether the arms sales she refers to were related to ‘Putin’s Oligarchy’ or related to states which may now be supporting Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

Indeed, it is only right and proper that Ms Hassan Nahon should be as open and transparent in relation to the arms deals she has said she was involved in as she expects other members of the Parliament to be. 

This is all about abiding by our obligations to ensure strict compliance with our obligations under the Sanctions Act, in an open and transparent manner. We all share this responsibility, including Ms Hassan Nahon.


[1] Note to editors: Please see report in Gibraltar Magazine, January, 2017: