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Government commits to full transparency in the awarding of scholarships – 495/2021

By June 29, 2021 No Comments

The Government notes the statement by ‘CUSP’ on scholarships and confirms that it will continue to be fully transparent in the awarding of scholarships.  Indeed, it is expected that mandatory scholarships will continue to increase this year, and in the future, and Education possibilities are widened year on year in our schools.

Provision for second degrees was introduced by this Government and it is always the intention of providing as many of these and other discretionary scholarships as possible.  Indeed, last year all applications for doctorates or similar were awarded for the first time ever. 

The Government will award as many scholarships as it is able to, following recommendations from the Scholarships Panel, but as is well known, has to be prudent in committing expenditure following the effect of the pandemic on the economy, a fact acknowledged by CUSP in its press statement.

Minister for Education, the Hon Prof John Cortes, commented; “I look forward to discussing this in one of my many meetings with CUSP.  I can assure students that our aim is to support as many of them as possible, and that the process will be fair and transparent.”