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By February 11, 2022 No Comments

The Government notes the latest statement issued by the GSD relating to the comments made by Minister Balban in interviews with the local media earlier this week. Gibraltar’s Highway Code has always been based on the UK Highway Code, however, that code is reviewed and adapted to meet our local requirements.

The Highway Code is an advisory document providing road safety advice to road users and is mostly based on existing Traffic Regulations punishable by fines or imprisonment. However, there are also many parts of the code that reflect road user etiquette.

The Highway Code forms part of driving tests and the Royal Gibraltar Police may choose to provide input into the Code. The RGP are aware of the recent changes in the UK and also aware that the Ministry of Transport is presently working on transposing the Highway Code for Gibraltar. Once the draft document is ready, the RGP will be able to fully review its contents before publication.

Additionally, the Government fully expects to be in a position to publish E-scooter Legislation this month giving the required 6 weeks’ notice to present to Parliament.

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Paul Balban MP, said: “What is shocking is that Mr Philips thinks that we should reinvent the wheel and create a completely different document as if we flew in drones or rode on camel back as opposed to having exactly the same modes of transport as the UK.  

“It has certainly taken Mr Philips quite a while to respond to an interview that aired on Monday. It may have also gone amiss to Mr Phillips that Zone 4 is already in its preparatory stages, something that requires a great deal of planning. My Ministry continues to move forward to prepare plans to create local cycling infrastructure and also has many exciting projects in the pipeline that will be launched as soon as reasonably possible.

“The Government is absolutely committed to a Green Gibraltar and a Child Friendly City and will leave no stone unturned to prepare the building blocks for this. I am hopeful that when we start rolling out these projects, we will receive support from Mr Philips and not the typical run with the hare and hunt with the hounds attitude which sees him tut and grimace at attempts to push Green Gibraltar forward when it suits him even when pilot schemes are being tried and tested and then in the same breath condemn Government for not being green or brave enough.

“Let me tell Mr Phillips that whilst he takes days to react to an interview I gave to the local media, I will be working flat out to improve the offering to pedestrians and cyclists and to encourage a greater take up of these activities as a safe and easy way of moving around Gibraltar”