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Gibraltar National Museum Lecture: Ocean Wanderers, Near and Far – Seabirds throughout the world – 278/2022

By April 20, 2022 No Comments

The next lecture in the Gibraltar National Museum’s series will be presented by Dr Keith Bensusan this Thursday, 21st April, at the John Mackintosh Hall at 7 pm. Entry is free. Dr Bensusan is Director of the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and General Secretary of the GONHS. An avian ecologist and lifelong birdwatcher, he regularly travels around the world to view birds and other wildlife. The title of his lecture is “Ocean Wanderers, Near and Far. Seabirds throughout the world”.

Seabirds comprise only about 3% of the global fauna of birds, but they are found throughout the world and occupy huge expanses of the planet that are not available to other groups of birds. The talk will introduce the different groups of seabirds and their distributions, discuss global patterns of diversity and Gibraltar’s relative importance to these birds. It will also draw on a series of examples of species from Gibraltar and afar to illustrate their remarkable ecological strategies and life-histories. Conservation of seabirds will be discussed, as well as opportunities to view seabirds throughout the world.