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Gibraltar is acting on state aid recovery – but due process must be observed – 244/2021

By March 19, 2021 No Comments

The European Commission today adopted a decision to launch infraction proceedings against the UK relating to a legacy state aid case in Gibraltar.

The UK and the Government of Gibraltar are working closely together and with the Commission on this case. The Government of Gibraltar has already recovered approximately £9.0M of aid from 2 of these aid beneficiaries, which it understands to constitute full recovery of the aid due. Regarding the other 2 aid beneficiaries, approximately £1.9M has been recovered notwithstanding that these beneficiaries have appealed the recovery process in the Gibraltar national courts. The Government of Gibraltar continues to work to recover the outstanding aid in compliance with the Commission decision, and to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible.

The Chief Minister of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar said: “The Government of Gibraltar is scrupulously following the requirement to recover aid due. We are working with the tools at our disposal to do so. I have no doubt that we will recover the aid and that we will do so at the very earliest opportunity when it is legally possible. I have full confidence in our tax and legal officers who are pursuing all options for recovery and with all due alacrity.”