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Gibraltar Health Authority eases restrictions on visiting to GHA sites – 415/2021

By May 28, 2021 No Comments

Gibraltar Health Authority eases restrictions on visiting to GHA sites

The GHA is pleased to announce that, in line with the future easing of COVID restrictions across Gibraltar, the following changes to visiting hospital are now in place:

• Visiting will remain limited to 2 named designated visitors per inpatient for the duration of their inpatient hospital stay, and only 1 of the designated visitors will be permitted during the allocated visiting hours per day.

• Designated visitors are strongly urged to have been vaccinated with at least ONE dose of the COVID-19 vaccine 14 days previously.

• Visitors who are unable to receive the vaccine will now be permitted to visit wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the duration of their visit and following a negative lateralflow test before entering. PPE for visitors will be provided atthe entrance of all wards and where they will have their test. Visitors must adhere to the guidance ofthe ward staff in the wearing of PPE and any other requirements of that individual ward, including remaining 2 metres apart from the patient they are visiting.

• For visitors who have received their first vaccine dose, but wish to visit earlier than the 14 days’ gap required, they must also wear full PPE for the duration of their visit and test.

• Visitors who have returned from international travel to countries with a quarantine period will not be allowed to visit until the isolation period has finished and the individual has had a negative swab test for COVID-19;

COVID-19 and in particular the new variants of the virus, remain a significant threat to the community and while the GHA is actively moving to greater easing of restrictions, the priority will always be to protect patients, staff and other visitorswith continued measures such as temperature checking and full PPE.