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Gibraltar eager for further roll out of eServices – 540/2021

By July 19, 2021 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar makes no apology when it sincerely thanks the very many professional members of the public sector who are working with us to make eGovernment a reality. Why does Together Gibraltar question even this?

As the private sector firms who have supported this initiative reduce their involvement in this work, more and more of our own staff are engaged in the design and delivery of the continued roll out of these services. We would have thought Together Gibraltar would welcome this initiative and support those working with us to achieve our ambitions.

With over 8,000 users already registered on eGov and over 20,000 transactions received it would appear that our community is indeed using and welcoming this service, even though we are at the early stages of its delivery.

It is true to say that the delivery of these services has been delayed as a consequence of Covid 19 and the switch of work from eServices to Counter reduction services. This should not be a surprise to Together Gibraltar as this was made public in 2020.

To simplify the complexity of the work being undertaken in eAdministration and eServices as Together Gibraltar does, demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of this project and the work which is being done to deliver this transformational change.

Minister Isola said “We will not be distracted by misinformed commentary on the serious and important work we are undertaking to deliver much needed and much welcomed eServices. We have engaged and explained the work we are doing with the major business organizations in Gibraltar and they welcome these and are eager for the roll out to continue for the benefit of all.”