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Gibraltar Brexit Talks on Future Relationship with the EU – 723/2020

By October 19, 2020 No Comments

Technical talks have continued with Spain this week and work has been ongoing also between the UK and Gibraltar delegations on the very complex issues that arise.

The Government of Gibraltar team is continuing to work to deliver for Gibraltar a deal that provides maximum fluidity for all citizens and goods.

The Chief Minister said: “This is not easy, but it is still do-able. I am not giving up and I believe a deal is possible. Whilst the clock is ticking, I will be ready to negotiate to bring home a positive result for Gibraltar and – therefore – also for the region around us. All the Gibraltar team and the Deputy Chief Minister and I continue to work as hard as possible to try to make this deal a reality within the confines of everyone’s respective red lines. I will be briefing the Cabinet on Monday as well, I expect, as Opposition colleagues represented by the Leader of the Opposition and Ms Hassan Nahon.”