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GHA thank Pass Trust for donation of chemotherapy equipment – 418/2022

By June 21, 2022 No Comments
418.1 2022


The GHA takes this opportunity to thank the Pass Trust charity for their generous donation of £20,000 pounds to the GHA Cancer unit to buy five chemotherapy pumps.

The chemotherapy pumps have made a significant positive impact on patient care.

The Director General, Professor Patrick Geoghegan OBE, said: ‘These vital chemotherapy pumps are essential for cancer patients with the latest technology incorporated. These pumps have enhanced patient care. They incorporate a fail-safe system to reduce the possibility of one of the main complications of chemotherapy administration, which is the infiltration of highly toxic drugs into the tissue surrounding the area. This eventuality could cause damage in the skin and other structures around the area. Occupational exposure to chemotherapy is also one of the main problems that both the staff and patients suffer with long-term ill effects to their health. The use of these pumps will reduce this exposure as allows a completely hermetic and closed system for the delivery of chemotherapy.

‘I am extremely grateful to the Trustees of Pass Trust for their generous donation and show of solidarity for our community and once again demonstrating the continued generosity of the people of Gibraltar.’