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GHA tests its Covid response – 291/2020

By April 23, 2020 No Comments

On Thursday 23rd April, at 10am the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) carried out a COVID-19 simulation exercise.  The purpose of this live exercise, using volunteers as patients, was to evaluate the preparedness and response mechanisms for managing a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

This live simulation builds on the results of a table-top exercise carried out last week, where plans were drawn up to further strengthen the GHA’s COVID-19 preparedness.

Taking part in today’s exercise were the GHA’s Accident and Emergency, Critical Care, Primary Care and Radiology departments, together with the Ambulance Service and eleven volunteers feigning COVID symptoms.  The exercise was supervised by senior members of Silver Command, whose evaluation of the drill was focused on the roles, responsibilities and co-ordination between the various teams involved.

Following the simulation, the GHA’s Director of Nursing Services, Ms Sandie Gracia, in her capacity as Head of Silver Command said; “I would like to express my gratitude to all those that took part in today’s exercise, in particular the volunteers who kindly assisted us”.

Minister for Health and Care, the Hon Paul Balban added; “These types of drills serve to critically test the GHA’s resilience, examining preparedness in responding to adverse situations and are therefore invaluable.  My thanks to Silver Command and all those professionals and volunteers who participated.”