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By July 28, 2023 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the launch of the new Register/Renew Medical Healthcare eService (GHA card), which can be accessed via the Gov.gi portal (https://portal.egov.gi/) and on the Gov.gi app (available on Android Play Store and on the Apple App Store.)


The improved eService is a streamlined process. There is integration with Government systems including the Register of Property Occupation (RPO) and the citizen’s Gov.gi profile, meaning that personal details are prepopulated into the application form and the amount of supporting documentation required to be submitted with an application has been cut down significantly.


Improvements include:

  1. Applicants registered with the RPO no longer have to provide proof of address;
  2. Renewals can be done in 5 clicks, as information such as proof of address is no longer required to be uploaded;
  3. Renewals for dependants requires less information;
  4. S1 requirements have been updated;
  5. Logic has been built into the eService for users over 65 years of age, requiring less information to be uploaded;
  6. Applications can be sent back requesting further information, instead of rejecting and asking citizens to redo an application.


Albert Isola, Minister for Health and Digital Services said, “The Register/Renew Medical Healthcare eService is one of the most heavily used online services (over 3,300 service requests in the past 6 months). Making the eService simpler, easier and quicker to use is crucial to making eGovernment an integral part of a citizen’s life. This has become even easier with the new Gov.gi app, where the eService can be access via a mobile phone.”