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GHA marks World Cancer Day – 81/2022

By February 4, 2022 No Comments

The GHA joins healthcare colleagues around the world in marking World Cancer Day on 4th February to spread the message that everyone can take action to help prevent and fight cancer.

This movement, created in 2000, has been an effective way to promote and unite one voice against a formidable challenge – CANCER

Cancer is a common disease and in fact, it is the second cause of death around the world. Gibraltar, unfortunately, is not exempted from it.

Improving the understanding of cancer is essential; early detection and prevention is the most effective way to save lives. Life style changes like stopping smoking and light exercise are easy prevention methods, so start today!

New technology has improved the early diagnosis through sophisticated scanners with surgical devices and techniques vastly improving. Moreover, new treatments including immunotherapy and radiotherapy have saved lives, but still this is not enough.

This year, the initiative of “Close the Care Gap” aims to increase awareness of how cancer is non-discriminatory. It affects everyone.

“Let us create a future without cancer. The time to act is now”.

The GHA Director General, Dr Patrick Geoghegan, said: ‘I am grateful to the GHA’s dedicated staff who work tirelessly to not only support the person who has cancer, but also their family and friends who play a crucial part in the treatment program and helping them regain confidence in managing their condition. World Cancer Day is an opportunity to remind people of the local services that are available. Wherever someone is in their cancer journey, there are multiple support services available and they are not just for people with cancer – they are for relatives, carers and anyone who may be affected.

‘I am delighted to support “close the core gap campaign” as I firmly believe that by creating greater awareness we will not only address the stigma often associated with cancer but also encourage people to take up opportunities for screening programs and to seek advice and support when needed. I recently met the Breast Cancer Support Group and was very impressed with their dedication to work in partnership to ensure anyone who has a cancer receives the best care possible.’