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GHA Mark World Breast Feeding Week – 533/2023

By August 4, 2023 No Comments

The GHA Maternity Department held an Awareness Stall at the Piazza today, giving advice on the benefits of Breast Feeding to mark World Breast Feeding Week.

The GHA Breast Feeding Team attended this event and provided information on the Support Clinics and Infant Feeding Workshop, which are regularly carried out by the Maternity Department.

The GHA have recently reviewed and updated their Breast Feeding Guidelines to reflect new evidence-based techniques, encouraging new mothers to breast feed as breast milk is of great benefit both to mothers and babies, especially during the first six months after birth. It is readily available for whenever the baby wants to feed and always fresh and at the right temperature, with no need to boil water or sterilise bottles. Breast milk is the perfect nutrition to help babies, particularly those born prematurely, as it reduces the chances of infections and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Therefore, it is important to support Breast Feeding as it is one of the greatest gift a mother can give to her child creating a special bond between mother and baby.

The GHA’s Maternity Department also offer support to new mothers who are unable to or choose not to breast feed. There are a number of nutritional formulas available that will ensure the baby’s safe development. Any concerned parents may also approach the Maternity Department for advice.

The GHA Director General, Patrick Geoghegan OBE, said: “I take the opportunity to thank my Maternity Staff not only for their hard work but for their professional care towards all babies born in Gibraltar and at all times providing the best of services. The theme by the World Health Organisation (WHO) this year is ‘Making a difference for working parents’; I am pleased to announce that the GHA will very soon be commencing consultation with employees with the aim of implementing a Breast Feeding Policy for Staff Members.”