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GHA Data Published – 18/2023

By January 17, 2023 No Comments

In keeping with our commitment of transparency, public accountability and working together with the community to improve our healthcare system we are pleased to announce the publication of our first round of online statistics covering GP led appointments and Accident & Emergency attendances. The number of online dashboards will continue to grow over time and will cover the full breadth of services offered by the Gibraltar Health Authority.

We aim to use data collected as well as feedback from the public to transform and continuously work improve the service as part of our ongoing Reset, Restart and Recover programme. We are confident that the data will help demonstrate the level of service that Gibraltar Health Authority provides and provide information so that the public can see, how services are performing, where that performance has improved and where there is still a need for further work. This approach has already helped us to make improvements alongside feedback received by members of the public. For example as we have been working on the GP appointments system we made changes to the online repeat prescription form, sick note process and new telephone minder system as a result of the data collected and feedback received. Further to this we are also aware that a small cohort of people are still experiencing issues where the telephone system drops calls unexpectedly or queue system not working correctly as operators log off. Together with your feedback we have pinpointed that this is due to a technical problem that we are in the process of addressing with the out system providers. We have put extra call staff in place while we work to resolve this issue.

The online statistics can be accessed via https://www.gha.gi/gha-digital/ and is available through interactive dashboards allowing for a high level of data exploration, transparency and accountability.