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GHA announces a waiting list initiative as the first step in addressing the recommendations of its External Review of Dental Services – 561/2023

By August 22, 2023 No Comments

Following the external Dental Review earlier this year a project team was established led by the Deputy Medical Director to oversee the implementation of the recommended action points. As part of the recommendations, the GHA will be strengthening adherence to the eligibility criteria prioritising emergency and urgent care pathways as well as reviewing the service and leadership structures. This will allow the Community Dental Service to become more effective and efficient, focusing on the dental needs of our children, special needs patients and the vulnerable in our community.

While the GHA is implementing these longer-term actions the Government have agreed to support a waiting list initiative to help address the backlog of check-ups for children, which was further compounded during the pandemic, and those who need to be prioritised for orthodontic treatment for clinical reasons.

An extra dental officer and an orthodontist have been engaged based on an analysis of the waiting list.

The aim of the initiative will be:

• to address those children waiting to be assessed for standard review and care within the next 5 months. Please check your child’s card is valid and up to date.

The Director General said he is delighted with this initiative, emphasising that the lists will be prioritised and managed in accordance with clinical need.