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GGCA action wholly unjustified – 375/2022

By May 26, 2022 No Comments

The GGCA have declared a dispute with Government despite an offer of a meeting and despite HMGOG agreeing not to implement any changes until the matters can be discussed with the Union. This in today’s day and age is incomprehensible, and more in keeping with industrial relations from the last century. The Government nonetheless welcomes that industrial action will not be taken until the discussions offered have taken place.

The GGCA position on the facts as set out in their press releases and the interview given by Ms Cumming, is not agreed by the Government as an accurate reflection of the reality of the position.

The statements made by the GGCA could tend to the public being misled by a misrepresentation of the position in order to justify their action.

The assertions made by the GGCA and the interview given by Ms Cumming, fails to address the simple facts relating to this matter which are that the Director and Head of ITLD agreed in two separate meetings to the changes proposed.

Additionally, it should be noted that the proposed changes were at the request of the Civil Contingency team as the current processes are deemed inadequate to protect Government and Private sector systems, as the recent malware breach unfortunately confirms.

Government will nonetheless await the discussions with the GGCA before making any further comment on the statements made by the GGCA in order to avoid exacerbating matters.