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GCSE Results 2020

By August 20, 2020 No Comments

Students received their GCSE/Level 2 results today at the Gibraltar College, Westside and Bayside Schools. Like the A Level/Level 3 results issued last week, the results were issued electronically. The issuing of GCSE results was affected by a worldwide outage affecting the Google Gmail Education platforms used by all three institutions. This outage delayed the start of issuing of results by approximately one hour.

Despite the challenges that this academic year has provided for our students and teachers, they have once again risen to the occasion with a remarkable total of 268 grades at level 9 (the top grade attainable at GCSE) being obtained, 127 at Bayside and 141 at Westside. This represents a doubling from last year of the number of top grades being awarded to students in our 2 secondary schools. 

Equally impressive are the 2691 grades 9-1 obtained by students out of a maximum of 2694 grades awarded, representing a 9-1 pass rate of 99.9%. 

Our GCSE/Level 2 students have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the summer examination session cancelled. In order to be able to issue results, the UK examination boards asked all examination centres to make teacher assessments of what grade students would be most likely to receive had they had the opportunity to sit their exams (Centre Assessment Grades – CAGs), and to place candidates in rank order. Our teachers worked diligently to provide these centre assessment grades for students and to place them in rank order as fairly and accurately as possible in order to enable the UK examination boards to issue results. The results the students have received today have been awarded by the UK examination boards on the basis of what their teachers submitted to the boards. 

As in previous years, the Department of Education will be reporting the 9-1 pass rates as opposed to the traditional A*- C pass rates that individuals might be accustomed to see. It is important for students, parents, prospective employers and members of the public to recognise that every grade is valuable in the context of each student’s education. Every grade attained by our students during their examinations represents a milestone in their learning journey and it is important that we celebrate the successes of all of our students and see the value in all of their grades.

It is also important to recognise the achievements of those students who have attended the Gibraltar College. Year on year, the Gibraltar College offers students an opportunity to build on their educational experiences and add value to their academic portfolio after leaving our secondary schools. We are very proud to report that, this year, students at the Gibraltar College have received a 100% 9-1 pass rate. 

Our schools and the Gibraltar College are still waiting for results for a small number of Level 2 and iGCSE courses to be issued by the examination boards. All schools across the UK who have completed these same Level 2 and iGCSE courses are also in the same position. There are 8 courses for which our institutions are awaiting confirmation of the students’ final results, representing 492 outstanding grades. All the students who find themselves in this position have been informed about the pending results and have been provided with the details regarding when these results are expected. We understand that these results will be provided to our centres within the next week and will be issued to students as soon as our centres receive them.

The Director of Education Jackie Mason commented, “We are glad to see that the grades awarded by the exam boards reflect the centre assessed grades that the schools and college submitted, with a few students awarded a higher grade. This year we have seen a very large proportion of top grades and we would like to congratulate these students for their achievements particularly in light of the challenges they have had to overcome this year. Indeed today we see the culmination of two years hard work for these students as teachers and parents have supported them through their learning journey. All students who have passed their GCSEs are to be congratulated on their educational journey and every single journey will be a stepping stone for these students to follow a pathway of their choice whether they choose to continue in education or seek employment and become valuable contributors to our society.

Minister for Education Gilbert Licudi said, “We have welcomed the decision in the UK whereby grades are awarded on the basis of the grades submitted by teachers. This has removed the unfairness which we saw in many cases with the A level results last week. GCSEs are an important milestone in any child’s education. I congratulate our students on their achievements and wish them well on their next stage.”


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