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Gambling Division – 483/2021

By June 24, 2021 No Comments

Now that restaurants, bars and other premises with ancillary gaming machines are open to the public, the Gambling Division is moving to a position where it now requires any premises or gaming machine supplier who has not met its obligations to pay licensing fees on time, to do so. The Gambling Division will use their enforcement powers where necessary to ensure compliance.

The Gambling Commissioner Andrew Lyman said: “Gaming machines are allowed in restaurants, bars and other premises as an ancillary revenue stream to the main business. Gaming machines are generally profitable for the business and the activities of the Gambling Division in respect of regulating these machines and ensuring consumer protection are funded by license fees. The majority of businesses pay licence fees on time and it is unacceptable for a minority to delay payment or to test our resolve to take enforcement action. Businesses that delay payment, without just cause, will lose the right to supply gaming machines or make them available to the public. In the future, we do not want there to be a situation where we have to pursue any licensee for outstanding fees”.