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Former Governors send letter of support and solidarity – 217/2020

By March 23, 2020 No Comments

Gibraltar’s former Governors have written an open letter to all Gibraltarians to express their support and solidarity in the face of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The letter applauds the unshakeable Gibraltarian spirit and promises to urge the Government of the United Kingdom to offer whatever practical and financial assistance it can to help Gibraltar overcome the challenges we face. The letter has been welcomed by the Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo, who sent a reciprocal message of hope and unity.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Gibraltarians,

In these toughest of times, we write to offer the People of Gibraltar our heartfelt and steadfast support, as you stand strong in the face of Coronavirus and its economic implications.   As ever, we know that the unshakeable Gibraltarian spirit will ensure that the Rock conquers this crisis. 

Tackling Covid-19 is likely to stretch the resources of the Government and People of Gibraltar just as it is stretching the Government and People of the United Kingdom.  We are convinced that it will be important for Her Majesty’s Government in London to do what it can to support Gibraltar at this time.  We are therefore urging Her Majesty’s Government to give Gibraltar whatever practical and, where appropriate, financial support it can to help Gibraltar overcome the challenges you face.

As proud former Governors, we know that Gibraltar will succeed in beating Coronavirus and, in doing so, assure the continued progression of the Rock’s prosperity.  

Albeit from afar, we all hope it will be of some reassurance to know that we are shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with you, our Gibraltarian friends, as you take on this unprecedented endeavour with courage and determination.

With deepest respect,

Lord Luce

Sir David Durie

Sir Francis Richards

Lieutenant General Sir Robert Fulton

Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns

Lieutenant General Sir James Dutton

Lieutenant General Edward Davis


Note to Editors

Admiral Sir Derek Reffell (91) and Field Marshal Sir John Chapple (88) are not included in the letter as they are not on email and therefore it was not possible to get in touch with them before Gibraltar goes into lockdown. If they had been, they would have been equally keen to offer their solidarity.