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Examination Results to be Issued Electronically – 524/2020

By August 10, 2020 No Comments

This year schools will be issuing students’ A Level and GCSE results via email. A Level results are due to be released on Thursday 13th August at 9am and GCSE results will be released on 20th August at 9am.

Next Thursday all students will receive their A Level results simultaneously. Bayside, Westside and the College will be posting on their online platforms instructions and guidelines for students on how to proceed. Information will also be available on the Department of Education’s website www.education.gov.gi.

Students who are awaiting results are urged to refer to their school’s online platform for further guidance and information. Students will be asked to make sure that their school has a current functioning email address to which their exam results should be sent. Those students who have not provided an email address will be asked to do so via the school’s online platforms or will be phoned by the school requesting an address for the results. It is important that students ensure that schools have their current email address to which exam results should be sent.

Schools will be providing a post-exams service as they always do. This will include post-results advice, enquiries about University applications or queries regarding the appeals process and the autumn exam series. Senior staff will be available at each school dealing with online students’ enquiries. There will be a triage system and students will be contacted by school staff in order to address any queries that are brought to the school’s attention. Where necessary, students will be allocated appointments at specific times in order to access any support, advice or assistance which they may need. Students will be given detailed information of their school’s processes via internal communication on each school’s online platform.

The electronic release of results to all students at the same time will ensure that those students who have not met their entry requirements for University will now be able to start their online clearing applications straight away.

These examination results mark the culmination of two years of studying and it is indeed a celebratory occasion. However, we are appealing to students to act in a mature and responsible way when celebrating their results and to follow Public Health guidelines at all times.

This has been a challenging year for our students and we wish them all the best as they embark on the next stage of journey.