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ERS outings to be resumed – 170/2022

By March 11, 2022 No Comments

The Director of Public Health together with ERS and GHA professionals are delighted to announce that outings for residents will now be resumed. Currently the prevalence trend of COVID-19 cases in the community as well as hospital admissions are on the decrease, however, this is constantly under review.

It is still essential that families act responsibly so as not to expose or risk the wellbeing of residents when going out on outings as this can also impact the health of others within the care homes.

Although our elderly are vaccinated and protected, we still need to be extremely vigilant and avoid activities that may be considered high risk.

Surveillance of visitors by lateral flow testing will continue, in order to maintain a safety net for residents and visitors.

ERS management would also like to express its heartfelt thanks to every single relative for their unconditional support during this difficult period.