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Enhanced Action on Littering – 508/2023

By July 28, 2023 No Comments

Following recent changes to legislation on litter, the Department of the Environment has announced the action that is being taken, designed to tackle the problem of illegal littering and fly tipping around Gibraltar.

Fines for littering have increased.

The fine for throwing, dropping or otherwise incorrectly disposing of litter has increased from £70 to £250.

The fine for disposing of dangerous litter incorrectly has increased from £250 to £1000.

Dangerous litter covers a wide range of items – from old paint, oil, dog waste and used nappies to sharp items, mattresses or large items of furniture or household goods.

Large or hazardous items should be taken to either the Eco Park on Devil’s Tower Road or the Civic Amenities Site on Europa Advance Road. Both sites are open from 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and from 9am – 5 pm on weekends as well as most public holidays. This disposal is free of charge.

Any rubbish deposited on the floor constitutes an offence – this includes leaving bin bags next to bins or bin stores that are full. If the rubbish does not fit inside the bin then you need to find an alternative location.   General litter bins should not be used for the disposal of household refuse and there is no refuse collection on Saturday night/Sunday morning so refuse should either be taken out on Friday night or kept at home until Sunday.

On Main Street, rubbish may be put out between the hours of 7 – 8pm ONLY and only on Main Street itself, not any side streets. Anyone who wishes to dispose of waste outside those hours must deposit it in the nearest refuse cubicle.

Legislation has also been amended to make it an offence to contaminate a recycling bin with mixed household waste or indeed, the incorrect type of waste. Many people take considerable time and care to separate their waste into the correct bins only for their efforts to be undermined by an inconsiderate few throwing other types of waste in with the recyclates. The fine for this is £250.

Cardboard boxes should be flattened out before placing them in the blue bins in order to maximize the space available. Waste cooking oil can be disposed of in the orange bins by placing it inside a sealed plastic container.

Gibraltar’s cleanliness is the responsibility of all of us and Government will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to those who choose to litter. CCTV cameras have been put in place around Gibraltar and will be used to identify offenders. Litter Wardens, Environmental Monitors, Environmental Agency Officers, Environmental Protection and Research Officers as well as the RGP are empowered to enforce this legislation.  If you are caught, you will be fined.