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His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has concluded the Employment Tribunal Chairperson appointments, culminating with an Oath of Office ceremony held at The Convent hosted by His Excellency the Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel on Wednesday 29th March 2023.


Ms Gabrielle O’Hagan has been appointed as President and Lead Chairperson while Mr Stephen Bossino has been appointed as a part-time Chairperson. Both Chairpersons will be supported by the existing pool of ad-hoc Chairpersons who have been re-appointed for another term of 3 years.


These appointments are part of our efforts to improve the quality of justice in Gibraltar and make the Employment Tribunal more accessible to all. 


On the occasion, the Minister with responsibility for Employment, the Hon. Steven Linares MP stated:


“The Government had committed to making justice accessible to all by simplifying the procedures at the Employment Tribunal and making the necessary changes to offer Gibraltar the first-class service it needs and deserves.  The Chairpersons’ Oath of Allegiance has been the culmination of the work the Director of Employment and the department have undertaken in pursuit of these commitments.  To this end, the appointment of the President and Lead Chairperson to the Employment Tribunal will play a critical role in the delivery of justice.  I am confident that the proactive steps the Government has taken in these respects will pay dividends in the years to come to ensure a fairer and more equitable Gibraltar.”


Ms Gabrielle O’Hagan, President and Lead Chairperson of the Employment Tribunal, stated:


“I am delighted to have been appointed and look forward to working with Mr Stephen Bossino and the existing pool of ad-hoc Chairpersons to ensure that justice is delivered fairly to all parties involved in employment disputes in Gibraltar.”