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Electronic certification for its ships and seafarers – 234/2022

By April 1, 2022 No Comments

In line with HM Government of Gibraltar’s policy on digitalisation, the Gibraltar Maritime Administration (GMA) will be introducing electronic certification for its ships and seafarers as from the 4th April 2022.

The GMA will offer their clients statutory certificates that meet the standards of the United Nation’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Certificates.                                

The introduction of electronic certification, will benefit GMA client’s by providing improved traceability, enhanced security and a quicker means of dispatching documentation.

The authenticity and validity of certificates can be obtained via a 24/7 online portal, using a two means verification embedded within the certificate.

Digital signatures will be securely embedded into electronic certificates and signed by a worldwide trusted Certificate Authority, in accordance with the current industry security standards.

Speaking about the transition to electronic certificates, the Minister for Business, Tourism and The Port, the Hon. Vijay Daryanani commented: “This move towards increased digitalisation and efficiency will directly benefit GMA’s clients. The Government is always keen to continue to invest in systems and technology which will provide direct benefits to its clients. Further digital initiatives are currently being developed, which will further enhance the quality of service provided by the GMA. Brexit has created a challenge but I am keen on marketing the Flag so we may be in a position to attract new clients to the Registry. We will give it a massive push this year”.