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Eastern Beach Access – 350/2023

By May 31, 2023 No Comments

HMGoG would like to reassure the public, that following extensive works and several improvements, clear access to Eastern Beach will be in place by the start of the bathing season on the 10th June 2023. The status of the main elements will be as follows:

Revetment and related works

The works at the entrance to Eastern Beach Road to install new services, including a large stormwater culvert crossing the road, will be completed by no later than Friday 9 June. At that time, vehicular access to Eastern Beach Road will change and be directly from Kingsway roundabout instead of from Catalan Bay Road as has traditionally been the case. Traffic lights will remain in place until then to ease the flow of traffic.

Pedestrian access is also being reviewed and signs to indicate pedestrian routes to the beach will be installed.

Works at the north end

Works to the northern end of Eastern Beach Road will be completed by no later than Friday 9 June. This includes the vehicle turning area, footpaths and motorcycle parking bays.

Car Park

The multi-storey car park at Eastern Beach will have its full parking capacity of 431 spaces available for beach users as from Saturday 10 June 2023. Works on the addition of an extra car park floor have been halted and will continue in the autumn to avoid disruptions to beach users.  

Beach Stores

The private entity which is providing new stores for users of Eastern Beach has also halted work. Those who have expressed an interest in renting one of the stores that will become available by the 10th of June have been contacted directly. The project will resume after the bathing season is over.

Balustrades have also been installed across the length of the beach for safety.